Cowboy for Hire

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In Vin Marco’s debut, the massive Internet muscleman Cowboy for Hire takes you through two private sessions with the confidence that only a true gunslinger can handle. Watch as Vin flexes his huge muscles, allows you to closely inspect the goods both front and rear, and – after his mighty cumshot from his huge member – sternly instructs our cameraman to “keep rolling” – and shoots again! How does he do it? It’s easy, says Vin – if you have a lot of free-floating testosterone! Check out this Cyber Muscle classic now!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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MuscleHunks model Vin Marco possesses that something extra that makes a true star, and he's not particularly shy about showing it off. The Internet sensation boasts the same fine, solid, hugely developed and conditioned musculature of the best bodybuilding models – his pecs bulge, his abs ripple, and his quads and butt are pure poetry. But let's not forget his oversized member – and the fact that Vin can shoot on command 3 copious loads inside of two minutes! Check out the Sweet Dreams of Vin Marco – and stand back. You might want a towel on hand. Or not, depending upon your mood.


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Triple shooter Vin Marco returns to to once again show off his special talent: he's a 230 pound, 6'-0" wall of pure granite muscle with a 10" engine parked squarely between his legs – which is capable of producing multiple cumshots in the course of a single minute! And nothing gets Vin going stronger than his own posing routine. You don't believe it? We swear it's true, and we have the proof! Tune in to Vin's latest video for, a studio carpenter fantasy that shows muscle-flexing Vin easily shooting the goods right on the job – not once, not twice, but three times in a row!