Leo Sabatini the Latino in Leather

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Leo Sabatini is one of the newest Latino body builders we’ve featured on Muscle Videos and we’re proud to present him to you this morning looking fabulous as ever.  Leo is a young man orginally from Panama and Powermen picked him in trying to find work in Barcelona.  It’s not difficult to see why they picked him up is it?  I’d try but i fear i’d put my back out trying, this guy isn’t small by any means!

The reason we feature this new gay muscle icon on the blog today is because he has a new video ready and waiting for you to see on Powermen.com.  We would like to tell you all about it, but we’d much prefer you to actually watch it and find out for yourself, so you must content yourself with this fact: he shows off a lot of muscle, and it’s not only the muscle you can see here in the pictures either, there’s another rather attractive muscle in his shorts that simply bursts out to play!

So if you’re ready for the very lovely Leo Sabatini go to Powermen.com and find out just how much this muscle man has to offer you in the way of entertainment; we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Huge Hunk of Latino Muscle – Timmy Riordan

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Timmy Riordan is one of those muscle hunks who just can’t stay away from the weights.  He just loves to train, and it’s a good job too since it must take a hell of a lot of work to look this good.  Timmy doesn’t just train, he does body building in order to compete professionally too; and in this he has some success too.  It’s hardly surprising that this huge gay muscle icon can win a few competitions when you look at these pictures (which incidentally you’re welcome to.)

Now there is only one thing that Timmy the powerhouse likes a little more than body building, and that is having a load of gay muscle fans that simply can’t get enough of his tight ass and lovely big muscles.  He loves to flex his pecs and stretch those biceps for you guys  out there simply because he knows that to have a body like this only another man like yourselves can really appreciate the time, effort and hard work that has gone into its creation.

So you should never think for a moment that these muscle hunks don’t appreciate their fans; they can’t get enough of you guys and i suspect that the lovely Timmy here would like to meet all of you personally if he could.  In the meantime go and check out his profile on Powermen.com and see what he has to offer.

Pepe Mendoza on Muscle Hunks

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Pepe Mendoza is one hell of a muscle hunk and musclehunks are proud to have him; hell, i think that any gay muscle fan would be happy to have him, but not to put on their website if you know what i mean!

That upper body is a sight for sore eyes isn’t it?  And take a look at that pathetic excuse for a shirt he’s wearing, i bet it’s an extra large!  Pepe is a tailor’s absolute nightmare; if he’s making clothes for him that is (i imagine that there are plenty of tailors across the country that have Pepe Mendoza on their wall in a tiny back room somewhere).

Well he is here to please and that’s precisely what he does.  The pictures you see here are from the very latest musclehunk picture galleries available, released tomorrow; so you have an exclusive peek at them before the others do!

Pepe is dedicated to the development of his muscles and his bodybuilding routine is a boring to us as it is as hard for him; so i won’t go into details.  All i will say is that if you want hard, perfectly formed muscles on an absolutely gorgeous man then you need go no further than the lovely powerman Pepe Mendoza, the Latino muscle hunk!  Check him out now on Muscle Hunks and have one hell of a time with the free pictures.

Brandon Oaksdale Free Videos

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[tag]Brandon Oaksdale[/tag] is an an [tag]adorable[/tag], little, pouty [tag]Latino[/tag] with a big stiff [tag]cock[/tag]. What more can anybody ask for?

Brandon knows how to get what he wants. Always a cool customer- if he can’t persuade you with his voice, he’ll take off his sunglasses and let his intense eyes speak for him. If that doesn’t work, he’ll let his tight ass and [tag]thick dick[/tag] do the job for him.

You have to admire a man who knows what he’s got, and uses it to his full advantage.

Check out this hot under-view of sexy Dylan pounding on his hard cock. Check out his hot round ass when he turns.

Rough Latin Male Stripper Alex Descha!

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Winter blues got you down? Well, quit packing snow and head down to Miami with us as we visit one of Miami’s premier “[tag]Erotic Dancers[/tag] (He a stripper, yall! lol- mv), [tag]PowerMen.com[/tag]‘s [tag]Alex Descha[/tag]! See this [tag]male strippers[/tag], pumped, rock [tag]hard cock[/tag] NOW!

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