The Business at Hand

Blogged under Muscle Duo: Nacho and Randy by on Monday 4 March 2013 at 2:11 am

For the powerfully packed superstar Macho Nacho it’s all about building – and showing off – his superlative physique. This time out the contest-ready Uruguayan muscle devil is determined to treat his fans to an up-front and personal gym workout. After an eye-popping, sweat-drenched, balls-to-the-wall pump up, the blessedly immodest Nacho seals the deal with the satisfying monkey-spanking his fans love to see. The cherry on top? In only the briefest of posers, Macho offers us a sneak preview of his beautiful contest posing routine. For Macho Nacho, business at hand is muscle – and it’s nirvana for musclehounds!