Muscle Wrestling Challenge

Blogged under Jackson Gunn by on Wednesday 31 July 2013 at 4:17 pm

Big bodybuilders are often challenged when they spot another big muscle guy, determined to match crunched abs, flexed guns, bouncing pecs, batwing lat spreads, and supersized quads. These guys just have to compare their muscle assets to find out: who’s the bigger? So it came as no surprise when handsome muscleman Mr. Jackson Gunn spied the tat-covered big boy Caleb del Gatto on a Miami street, followed him and introduced himself. Soon enough, these two big bodybuilders were planning their muscle match: a competitive posedown, a hardcore wrestling match, and their duo JO. But you’re the real winner here – you get to watch!

Now That’s a Bodybuilder, 2.0

Blogged under Rico Cane by on Tuesday 2 July 2013 at 3:57 pm

In case there were any doubts the first time around, LMS Star Rico Cane is back to prove in the good Eddie Camacho tradition that bodybuilders can not only be big, ripped, but can be uncommonly healthily hung, too. Rico’s taken the plunge and is spending a carefree afternoon strolling about that South Florida bodybuilder private resort where we bring all our big boys for your private showings. Moreover, he appears to be looking to initiate a muscle worship session, with him on the receiving end. So get down on your knees, boy, and get to work.