Scott Kirby

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Scott Kirby is simply breathtaking – swarthy good looks, sensuous lips, and a rock-hard, lean and well-defined body. He heads out on the rooftop to take in a little sun. He oils up his impressive body, flexing and stripping down to a skimpy pair of shorts. And what a hot ass! Then he heads inside for a more intimate look at his naked body. Lying back on the sofa, Scott pumps the big muscle between his legs, and now you really get to see the power in those arms.

Boris Makov & Scott Kirby

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What happens if a real Latin playboy like Scott Kirby meets Russian strongman and bodybuilding champion Boris Makov? They meet each other for the first time. The tension mounts. And there is no time to go home; especially when nobody else is in the gym anymore. Now you can witness how they challenge each other in the gym and in the wrestling ring. But once they are all heated up it’s not enough. They really want to know who shoots the biggest load. Don’t miss that one!

Scott & Pablo

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It’s a lazy, sunny, beautiful Sunday late afternoon in So Paulo… and that ‘Palacio’ bad boy Scott Kirby is on the prowl for trouble! In a rich neighborhood (where he is well known), he has access to a beautiful penthouse with a private terrace and a pool, overlooking the city. Watch what happens when he invites hunky, big-butted 20-year old bodybuilder Pablo Blades up for some sun, a little oil, a quick dip, some butt comparison, and a steamy hot duo JO session!

Triple Encounter (Amerigo / Scott / Pepe)

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What happens on a rainy day when MuscleHunks Man of the Year Amerigo Jackson dressed in a business suit walks home and plans to relax after a long day in the office? What happens if two of the neighborhood’s hottest bodybuilders are horny as hell and full of testosterone and are looking for an adventure? What happens if these bodybuilders meet and Amerigo senses the true intentions of Pepe Mendosa and Scot Kirby? What happens if you dont have a membership to You will never know!!!