Max’s Hideaway

Blogged under Max Hilton by on Tuesday 18 March 2014 at 5:56 pm

LMS Muscle Leatherman (and occasional club dancer) Max Hilton may look tough – and, in reality, he is – so be advised. But Max is not without his secrets. He’s confessed to us that he likes to go on the prowl well outside the gym and the leather clubs to indulge in muscle play in an abandoned bungalow he found in the South Florida sticks. Max gruffly allowed that we could watch, as long as we kept our distance. We were ready with our cameras one day as Max stealthily broke in to the storm-devastated house to do his thing. His muscle play did not disappoint, and better yet, Max has allowed you to watch. And play along.

Alpha Male

Blogged under Kurt Beckmann by on Tuesday 11 March 2014 at 8:41 pm

It’s been awhile since we’ve played with Kurt Beckmann. The handsome, muscular German with the magnificent tats and extraordinary frontal loader always appealed to our softer tastes. That was then. Well, this is now. Kurt’s gone over to the dark side, and wow – what a performance this new leather god gives in his first MH appearance in almost than four years! Talk about Alpha Males, Kurt demonstrates what being a real man is all about. Accept no substitutes: Kurt Beckmann is the real deal: he’s gotten huge, mean, he’s all muscle, and there’s nothin’ soft about him.


Blogged under Adam Sky by on Tuesday 11 March 2014 at 5:29 pm

Maybe it’s the hat, set at a rakish angle. Maybe it’s the backstage setting. Maybe it’s Adam Sky’s (making his debut) performance ease. Or maybe it’s just the guy’s splendid muscles and mouth-watering big dick? Whatever it is, Adam’s another great go-to muscle guy in the lineup of exclusive players. Adam likes to pose for himself in the mirrors between performance sets – too bad the strip club hasn’t given him a private dressing room, anyone could walk in and see what he’s up to. Of course, we’re guessing that’s just what he wants.

Macho Nacho, Back to Basics

Blogged under Macho Nacho by on Wednesday 5 March 2014 at 7:14 pm

And what basics they are! The irrepressible, self-acknowledged
‘gorgeous’ Mr. Macho Nacho returns to to demonstrate exactly what he’s got to play with big, beautiful, ripped ‘n’ ready muscles, cobblestone abs, a handsome face, solid man glutes and
an impressively loaded engine. In this Purple Passion presentation, the never-shy Nacho gets right down to serious business for one of his hottest-ever explicit muscle shows. We’re betting you’ll want to play along with him.