Skye Woods likes to show his all!

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There’s something about the new muscle talent that really get’s us nice and hot here at Muscle Videos, and the fact that we can get this new muscle talent live on webcam, pumping and flexing and playing with themselves makes us realise just how much we’re in the right job!

Today we introduce you to the newest gay muscle idol on Live Muscle Show, the muscle man that is Skye Woods.  He’s been modelling gay muscle content for the internet for a while now, but he’s only recently arrived at Live Muscle Show.  Showing an interest in the live muscle cam work has boosted his popularity and career options considerably; you’re sure to see a lot more of Skye all over the place very soon.  So get him while you can over on Live Muscle Show, before this gay muscle star becomes too much of a wanted commodity!

He’s probably best known for his gay porn movies more than anything else, and now he’s available on Live Muscle Show, goodness only knows what this porn star will do next.  He told us:

I have done dozens of porn videos.  My ass and legs are my best features apparently, but I like to think I’m a bit of an all-rounder with a nice personality too.  I love to get involved in the gay muscle scene and it’s good to get some real appreciation from the guys out there who really like to watch a muscleman work!  Come and see me soon!

A warm welcome to Mr. Austria

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Tony Beznik is a world renowned body builder and an amazing athlete that requires very little introduction.  He’s been a straight and gay muscle idol for so many years now we forget, and now he’s back on Muscle Gallery with some great pictures.

When we caught up with Tony we asked him a little about what his plans are for the future and how he feels about all the attention he got following his 2008 Mr Austria victory:

There really is nothing like the feeling of winning a prize like this.   Mr. Austria made me feel like I could do anything at all, and that’s pretty much what I’ve been pursuing – anything in the realm of body building and modelling.  Packing on that extra 40 or so pounds before the competition back then has been a blessing, and I’m so glad I did it.  My body has never looked as good, and I’ve done my best to keep the extra weight on whilst working it hard in the gym.  I’d like to thank all my muscle fans out there and let them know that I’ll be doing much more real soon!

That’s a promising thought from one of the most pumped up Austrian muscle men in the world!  We can’t wait to see much more of Tony, but in the meantime, if you want more of him all you need to do is log into Muscle Gallery and you’ll get all the pictures you need!

Bill Baker the Brute!

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Bill Baker is a true brute when it comes to posing for muscle sites.  It seems that every shoot he gets himself involved in makes him appear as though he’s some sort of trouble maker.  Take these pictures for example, he’s looking very tough and very mean; and certainly someone you wouldn’t want to fuck with in a dark alley after a few beers!  Well, some of you might like that, but I’m not keen on surprises!

Bill’s muscles make him look like the personification of an action figure don’t they?  Those rounded shoulders and those pumped up arms?  And what about those vein popping legs of his?  This guy is the ultimate gay muscle icon and there are quite literally gay men all over the planet looking at these pictures now, wondering when the next time will be that they will see the brute, Bill Baker.

Well, you don’t need to wonder much anymore because it seems like Powermen have him, at least for a while (you can’t cage someone like Bill Baker for long!)  So if you’re in the mood for a bit of butch Bill Baker, all you need to do is scoot on over to and check out his new photoshoots and videos; there’s a lot to go at over there!

Devon Ford is the one to worship

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Gay muscle worshippers of the world, unite and take over!  This is the man of the moment and he is ready for your adoration!  Devon is a Muscle Hunk and a half and he is over the moon to finally be united with all his gay muscle fans on

This set has 34 photos and 7 movies on the site right now and they are proving to be a very popular selection; particularly because the fabulous Devon doesn’t hold back.  When he gets his clothes off to show you his muscles, he means to show you EVERY muscle on his gorgeous body!  This is the body builder sex symbol of the Spring and he’s available now on Muscle Hunks!

So if you’re in the mood for a bodybuilder who simply loves to be loved, get yourself over to Muscle Hunks now.

“Maradona” Fernando Almeida

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The Brazilian god Fernando is hear to brighten your day, and boy oh boy is he doing a good job of it.  We’re not sure which is best to be honest, his muscles or his smile; they’re both certainly very “winning” as Charlie Sheen would say.

Fernando (also known as “Maradona”) has been bodybuilding and powerlifting for a long time and is well used to the routine of the gym and all the hard work.  However, this doesn’t put him off at all.  He thrives on the pain, energy and over all effort involved in making himself look this good.  This is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to body building.  If you can do it, endure it and even enjoy it then you’re going to be a great bodybuilder; simple as that.

But it’s all for the gay muscles fans more than anything with Fernando.  The competitions will always be a part of his life, but he really seeks the recognition from the guys out there in cyber space who really appreciate his body for what it is.  This is indeed, as these pictures will testify, a muscle worshippers dream come true!

Check him out now on

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