Mountain of Muscle

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Julio Lopez first appeared on Muscle Hunks in 2006, since then Julio headed back to the gym and built himself into a mountain of muscle. We love the tattoos sleeved across his shoulder and down his massive guns. With several championship trophies under his belt, Julio can relax a little and give his fans a private show. And what an awesome session. Julio lies back on a bed and grunts one out. He strokes his dark-brown cock until it erupts and sends stringy streams across his thigh and pelvis.

Full Shooter

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Julio Lopez is a sexy Latino adonis who has won several bodybuilding trophies. We’re about to give Julio a trophy for the best cum shot ever. Julio is kind of more meat than potatoes so we don’t know where all that spunk came from, but shit, can this stud shoot. By the time Julio releases his fist from around his fat cock, his ripped abs are covered in sticky strings of jizz.