Boris in the House

Blogged under Boris Makov by on Saturday 30 June 2012 at 12:02 am

MuscleHunks’ third episode featuring the enormous muscles of bodybuilding junior champion Boris Makov finds the young Russian superhero alone just with himself and a mountain of muscles and testosterone. There is no greater fantasy to have this 22 year old muscle monster at your service for any possible pleasure.
Watch as handsome Boris reveals all his talents – from his rock-like biceps and chiseled pecs, his enormous thighs, to the huge bulge in his posing trunks. MuscleHunks’ fans should cancel all plans for tonight: once again, Boris is in the house.

Reflecting on Spunk

Blogged under Boris Makov by on Monday 28 May 2012 at 12:17 am

If only the rich people knew what we did in these luxurious hotel suites. Boris Makov jerks his cock all over this room, using every piece of furniture. He lies back on a marble-topped desk before finally standing on it and jerking his dick in front of a wall mirror. As he strokes, we get a good view of his massive and bulging quads, his round, muscle butt, and his intimidating chest. Using one hand to stroke his cock and the other to massage his balls, Boris plasters a juicy load of spunk all over that mirror.