Manuel Melia

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Around Muscle Hunks mirrors are for two things. Standing in front of a full-length mirror, Manuel Melia strips slowly and seductively. While the mirror gives us a good view of his spectacular and powerful torso, the camera (shooting from the rear) gives us lots of time to take in Manuel’s jaw dropping strong and round ass. The second thing about mirrors is that they’re the perfect canvas on which our muscle men can paint a lingering and creamy memoir.

Manuel Melia

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There’s no better way of honouring Mother Nature than featuring our muscle men in lush and vibrant settings. In this video we drove Manual Melia and two other bodybuilders to a secluded waterfall in the tropical forest. Wearing nothing but the skimpiest of shorts and thongs, these majestic muscle hunks play and pose around the waterfall. Manuel eventually sneaks off and finds a secluded spot where he can pay homage in his own way.

Manuel Melia

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We think Manuel Melia looks best in a thong. He’s got such a beautiful body. Muscles stacked on muscles in super-hero proportions. One of our favourite photos of Manual has him posing with his hands on his hips, his shoulders and biceps balloon strong and curvy; his ripped abs tense tightly. And when he turns his back to the camera, you’ll see why we love him in a thong – nothing to get in the way of that perfectly round and beefy ass.

Angel vs. Manuel

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In Angel Cordoba’s second Muscle Eden appearance, Exclusive muscleman Angel Cordoba is sweating through a midnight workout at the Island’s raw gym. Buttmeister Manuel Melia marvels at Angel’s massive development and, after a set of grueling squats, Angel is a little more than interested in Manuel’s musculature, as well. Soon these two pretty boy muscle giants are in a duo competition to see who can shoot the most! And who wins? We think it’s a draw!