Poolside Jerk Off

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Leaning back on a ledge in the middle of a pool, Papi Palermo jerks his dark-brown cock. His body tenses and ripples as he balances on this wall. The camera man joins Papi on the ledge and gives us a spectacular view of his massive legs as this stud continues to work his cock. And with one singular grunt, he splashes a super thick wad all over his abs. Fuck! That was a lot of cum!

Awesome Legs

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If you’re a leg and ass man, Papi Palermo is a man you’re going to want to see more of – a lot more. Look at that stunning photo of Papi lying on his stomach sunning himself. His massive upper body narrows to a slender waist creating the perfect V that we love so much. Then his dense, round ass balloons, supported by two thickly muscled thighs that bulge large. We get all hot and bothered imaging the thrusting power in those majestic legs and swelling bubble butt.

Relaxing Bubble Bath

Blogged under Papi Palermo by on Friday 3 August 2012 at 1:06 am

Papi Palermo brought along some equipment for this photo session. He does some flexing with a set of cables and they show off Papi’s strength and top form. Doing push-ups, Papi gets us revved up as we watch those strong, bulging arms, his massive legs, and plump ass thrusting towards the floor. Is this how a romp in the sack with this blond muscle hunk looks? Sizzling fantasy. Papi relaxes in a bubble bath and releases some of that built-up tension from his workout.

Wrestling Muscle

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Papi Palermo heads to the wrestling mats with young, muscle hunk Adam Reich. These two massive men work up a good sweat crawling all over one another. We love watching men wrestle, pushing their mammoth bulges in one and other’s faces, wrapping huge, tree-trunks legs around corpulent, firm butts. This session is fucking hot!

The Inferno of Palermo

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Papi Palermo is back. Papi is a pro in every sense of the word. His massive body only supplies the temple for his devoted worshippers and addicted fans. But what happens behind closed doors and during his private one-on-one shows at LiveMuscleShow.com goes beyond your most lustful dreams. Papi needs no directions. He takes matters in his own hands and … every other body part you are looking at. Let Papi push your buttons! Are you ready?