Big Boy Bo

Blogged under Bo Armstrong by on Monday 18 March 2013 at 9:11 pm

What’s more awesome than a big, young muscle boy in his 24-year old prime? He’s King of the World – he’s beefy, hung, smooth-faced, all muscle, and always ready for action. So we’re headed back to Bo country, ’cause in these hard times we want to see a hard body, and – face it – there’s no place better than to see the best in pure muscle animal stock. Bo’s flexing for himself in the mirror, that big package of his curled up and ready to spring out of his jockstrap. And when he springs it out – well, it’s even bigger than you remembered, right? There ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby.

Barely Legal

Blogged under Bo Armstrong by on Saturday 11 August 2012 at 12:15 am Exclusive model musclepuppy Bo Armstrong had just turned 19 the day before we captured him on video for the first time – and we all felt it was a Happy Birthday to Us! Sweetly shy and vulnerable, yet sporting serious musculature adorned with tattoos, this young bodybuilder delights in making others happy simply by flexing those boulder guns of his. But have no fear, for those big guns weren’t all this young Hercules flexed for us in his stunning debut at!

Barely legal 2.0

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The very best milk-fed veal makes a welcome return to our pages: the barely legal, plump-cheeked, hugely muscled, large-cocked Bo Armstrong is back again to play. In Round 2, Bo is, as always, hanging around some unnamed benefactor’s penthouse (gee, we wonder how he got there? We assume he’s just very, very popular) when he has the sudden uncontrollable urge to a) oil up, b) flex those supersized muscles, c) shave, d) masturbate, big time, and e) take a shower. Isn’t it nice that you can depend upon some things in life to always have a happy ending?

Beef Where You Want It!

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Bo's back and you've got him! In his beefed up return to, Exclusive MH Star Bo Armstrong oils up his fine, big new physique, hard wrought from hours of sweating ironwork at the gym. Sweet-faced, quiet Bo is the true muscle dichotomy, with his soulful bedroom brown eyes, his youthful boyish grin, and his massive body covered with biker tats. Watch as creamy and masculine young Bo flexes his supple muscles, poses, and proudly displays his golden young manhood!