New Bill Baker Video!

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For all of you who are familiar with Bill Baker (and we’re sure there are plenty of you out there!) he has a new video available now on Muscle Hunks.  This guy is simply fantasitc on camera, but even better on film; you simply have to see it to believe it!

In this movie Bill Baker famously strips (of course) and then doesn’t waste any time at all showing you just how he uses his powerful arms and wrists to jerk off his even more powerful cock!  And boy oh boy what a cock he has to play with.  It’s actually difficult to know what to look at when you watch this video.  If you are truly a big muscle fan and you worship the muscle like nothing else you are torn between gazing at this guy’s enormous biceps as he strokes himself, or concentrating on his rock hard cock.

Let me tell you that both of these focal points are just as good as each other, and might i suggest that you watch the video a few times in order to appreciate it fully; i’m sure you will.

Enjoy the pictures and then go along to Musclehunks and check Bill out!

New Videos on Muscle Hunks – Gil dela Cruz

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Just when you thought you couldn’t get any better and that pictures were the only thing on offer from the great muscle worship websites that we promote, you realize you’re wrong.  What could be better than looking at pictures of the lovely Gil dela Cruz and getting all horny, only then to be presented with some videos of the great man doing things that muscle hunks usually only do in private?

The only thing better than this of course is to actually be there with the muscle bound man himself, but if you think you’re getting within a couple of hundred yards of the powerman you’re deluding yourself; Gil dela Cruz is an enormously private man, and only ever gets his kit off on camera, not in person (at least not to you gay muscle worship fans out there).  I know it’s a bummer isn’t it, but still, at least we get the videos and pictures to admire.

I can tell you a little something about the videos if you like?  Well put it this way, the lovely Gil dela Cruz gets his big cock out and starts to masturbate just for you!  Yes, it’s true, not only does he have big muscles, he has a big cock to stay in proportion.

Check out Gil dela Cruz on Muscle Hunks right now and see what else he has on offer.

More to Muscle Hunks than Pictures

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That’s right, contrary to popular belief Muscle Hunks does have some pretty damn exciting muscle videos as well as all the top classs pictures.  When you login as a member on Muscle Hunks you’ll be enabled access to one of the largest databases of gay muscle content on the internet (in fact, dare we say the largest!)

On there right now you’ll be able to see the very powerful, gay muscle icon Umberto Ugo and his amazing muscles in action.  The action revloves around a movie of him posing in front of a mirror, stripping off for all you muscle fans out there.  He’s wearing a pair of red training pants and underneath he has on the well packed white jock strap!  This guy is seriously hot!

When the action gets a little more full on, this muscle hunk takes a bottle of lotion and rubs it all over the upper part of his body, making himself nice and slippery and shiny.  Imagine yourself rubbing your hands over those pectoral muscles with all that oil on them!  WOW!  Then he releases the muscle that you don’t get to see at the local body building competitions; and believe me, when the oil gets applied here too, Umberto doesn’t waste any time in rubbing himself in front of that mirror!

This is very hot.  Go and check it all out now.

Free Bodybuilder Muscle Cam Shows Big Hit!

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The popularity of the free for members only Webcam shows (Powered by is impressive! You can view the schedule here:


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