Massive Muscle

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In 2006, Samuel Vieira was honoured as NABBA’s Mr. Brazil and we’ve got footage of this powerfully built bodybuilder posing and flexing on stage. But you won’t want to miss Vieira’s private jerk-off session. Vieira strips nude in a shaded and succulent garden, then he lies back on the ground and starts working his fat, uncut dick. With redwood-sized legs outstretched in front of him, every muscle in this hunk’s body tenses as he gets ready to spill his load across his ripped abs.

Samuel Vieira

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Fan favorite and Brazilian bodybuilding champ SAMUEL VIEIRA is back! Only this time he needs to relax and get away from it all. Being the kind of guy he is, he’s got connection; and those connections lead him straight to the seclusion and mystery of MUSCLE EDEN. See it now in MUSCLE EDEN,

Samuel Vieira

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There are certain hunks you just don’t get enough of. This champ has it all. He is equipped for pleasure all the way, and he has the size and the testosterone to leave his mark. This MuscleHunks Exclusive is no ordinary athlete. Now, his muscles are even bigger and his tight clothes keep you breathless. Samuel uses all his tools, especially the monster behind his zipper, to claim complete satisfaction and total ecstasy. Are you ready?

Construction Beefcake

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If ever there was a reason to drill a peep hole into construction hoarding, it’d be to see this Brazilian god working up a sweat pounding nails. And when Samuel Vieira fishes his plump, uncut cock out of his tight-fitting jean shorts, it’s an absolute sight to behold – hard cock pointing towards the sky as if searching for the sun – the view only looks better when Vieira wraps his fist around his fat, Brazilian dick and gives it a tug.