Italian Stallion

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Gilberto Nestore appears here on Muscle Hunks in several scenes, including a hot, sweaty wrestling match. But you’ll want to check out Gilberto’s jerk-off video. He’s sitting on a settee that backs onto a mirror and he’s jerking his big, uncut, Roman cock. The mirror lets us watch his strong shoulder muscles working up a good pump. Without a care for anything, Gilberto spews his load in his fist. The cum slides down his fingers and drops to the luxurious rug at his feet.


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Gilberto Nestore and Scott Kirby, with Carter Jackson and Skip Lawrence

It was a quiet afternoon at the gym – no one around – could it be because today was the day the challenge was met? In the tradition of DYNAMITE’S great HEAT wrestling videos, four musclemen meet and square off in the ring for a tag team of wrestling fun – but these guys ain’t kidding around. The flexing, straining and groaning are real – and afterwords the relief is just what you hope to see!

Man in Black

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Gilberto Nestore can best be described as the strong, silent type. Mysterious, brooding, a South American Heathcliff who happens to spend a lot more time pumping heavy weights at the gym than he does wandering on the moors, Gilberto's a smooth, efficient operator who gets the job done. At Muscle Eden, Gilberto coolly appraised the competition amongst his fellow muscle bro's, and knew he wasn't lacking either coming or going – so to speak. Here's another peek at what makes Gilberto a man to be reckoned with.

Gilberto Nestore

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Gilberto Nestore gets all the compliments you can imagine. He is already a muscle star from the Muscle Eden Epic and from his wrestling matches with Andy Travers and Scott Kirby & friends. While his facial expression is very handsome and seems playful, this man has more and he knows it. He started out as a power lifter and soon found his talent as an entertainer. His body gets hotter and hotter each time he faces the camera. And his seductive eyes enjoy it tremendously when muscle worshipers check out every inch of his pumped body. He certainly knows how to make use of all that testosterone. Gilberto is ready! Are you ready for him?