Muscle man of the moment

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The muscle man of the moment on Muscle Hunks is the very charming and very powerful chunk of black muscle, Sylvester Randolph.  Sylvester is looking mighty fine in these pictures, but wait until you see him in the member’s area of Muscle Hunks!  In the member’s area you’ll get to see even more of him and his lovely big muscles.

Muscle Hunks now has over 14 videos and 80 pictures for you to enjoy.  This bodybuilder is sure to be a regular on Muscle Hunks and because there never seems to be enough black muscle out there at the moment he’s going to get popular very quickly. 

The way the light hits those abdominal muscles in these pictures really is something else; and this is something you can only really get on black muscle men or those with a very deep tan.  The black muscle worship fans are going to have a  hell of a time with these pictures.  Remember that there are a load more gay muscle pictures on Muscle Hunks right now and Sylvester here is only one of the guys on show.

Aden Taylor is Black Power

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This is true black power folks and when you see all the pictures in these sets you’ll see just how.  Aden has been building his body up to look like this for as long as he can remember.  He told us:

It hasn’t been easy for me and I haven’t had the opportunities that some others have, but I haven’t let it stop me getting what I want from my body.  When all else has foresaken me I’ve gone to the gym and worked hard, and now finally I can get the benefits from all the hard work.  I love what I do, and I love the attention I get from all my gay muscle fans out there; they’re the ones that keep me where I am after all.

Aden’s feature on Muscle Hunks includes some video footage too, and when we saw it we were amazed at how well this guy moves on camera, and those muscles really are something else; if you’re a true gay muscle fan then you’re simply going to adore Aden’s set on Muscle Hunks right now!

Happy New Year to you all!

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We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.  We hope that 2012 is good to all our favourite muscle builders out there in the world and we hope that it brings us a hell of a lot more of them in the very near future; we can’t get enough of those muscles, here on Muscle Videos!

Today we’ve brought you a New Year treat in the form of the very lovely and very powerful Ron Hamilton, the black muscle builder who really knows how to get the gay muscle worshippers going.  When you see pure muscle like this it’s a little difficult to concentrate on anything else isn’t it?

This is why we love Ron so very much.  He simply doesn’t allow you to stop looking at him for second until you’re satisfied.  So when you can drag yourself away from Ron for a few minutes, go over to muscle hunks and check out his full profile!

Sami Al Haddad

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Now this is some seriously hot, black muscle guys!  Just when you think you’ve seen it all along comes a muscle hunk like Sami and proves you wrong.  Those biceps are built like blocks of wood stapled to his arms, this is the type of guy they model action figures from for Christ’s sake!

His shoulders look as though they would be powerful enough to carry a fully grown man in one of those baby backpacks!  We’ve seen some muscle in our time, but this guy really  takes some beating.  Such a well developed body must have taken an age to build in such a way, we asked Sami how he does it:

Well it’s all about keeping a good balance between work and rest really, there isn’t much more to it than that.  Of course you have to watch your diet too, and make sure you have enough of everything.  I have professionals helping me with that so I know what to eat and when.  But by far the most important thing you need to get great muscles like me is determination and a positive attitude.

We here you Sami!

If you want to see more of this Muscle Gallery super hero then get yourself over to the website now

Max Charles pushes it to the limit

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There is one thing that Max Charles knows how to do and that is body building.  When you look at the pictures of this black muscle legend you’ll see that he’s working all the right places in order to make himself as desirable as can be to all you gay muscle fans out there.  His aim isn’t just to be a body builder you see, Max has great modelling aspirations too; and here at Muscle Videos we tend to think he’s fulfilling them.

If you like your muscle builders big and black then you’re not going to get them much bigger than Max Charles.  Black muscle is becoming a rare commodity in the Muscle Hunks world and this is why guys like Max are getting a lot of work with the likes of  If you go over to Muscle Gallery you’ll see a huge amount of Max Charles content available to you (some of it FREE!) 19 video clips and 71 images at last count; now if that’s not enough to keep you… well… going, then we’re not sure what you’re going to do with yourself.

Check out Max Charles on Muscle Gallery now and see exactly what black muscle should look like!

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