The Gold Standard

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Is MuscleHunks exclusive model Rocco Martin anything less than totally ripped, ever? We don’t think so. If ever there was a physique gym-crafted by man for beach display, Rocco’s got it. He’s a true Adonis, dipped in gold: that perfect sun-kissed skin, those cobblestone abs, the delicious lattice-work of his roiling, thick veins, his sumptuous thighs, and the perfect curvature of his powerful butt come together in picture-perfect harmony. Ever calm – he makes it all look so easy – this time out Rocco’s lost the suit and tie, hitting our mini dance stage with his trademark sly ease. Get between Rocco and his hard placesthere’s so many to choose from.

Rocco Martin returns

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Handsome Rocco Martin returns to for Round 3, and this time, he’s gone Business Class on us. Nicely groomed in a custom-fitted, button down shirt and silk tie, with tailored slacks, and slicked back hair – gosh, he even got a manicure – Rocco is the picture of cool, professional detachment: he could be your personal banker. And yet, under that soft linen shirt, Rocco’s hardbodied, buffed physique is about to be revealed. Muscle lovers who prefer a touch of class with their serving of beefcake will be in heaven as Rocco slowly strips and shows us the money – all of it.


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Rocco Martin has been working hard and he’s made some significant changes to his physique since the last time we filmed him. He’s statuesque with a slender waist and hulking shoulders, he’s an awesome sight! If you’re an ass man, Rocco’s got a beautifully round one. This adorably cute hunk stands on his bed posing and licking his biceps before grabbing his thick cock and sending a load of cum sailing through the air. Perfect!

No. 2 Rocco Martin

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Rocco Martin has made some significant upgrades to his physique since the last time we caught up with this newly formed power house of beef! Rocco allows us to ogle him while he gets a little working out done at a private beach front home owned by a friend of Rocco’s. Watch young muscle man Rocco Martin pump his muscles, all of them, just for you!