Officer, Gentleman, Pole Dancer

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Back in all of his glorified hardbodied muscle flesh is he of the faintly provocative sneer, the head-turningly handsome Mr. Omar Fabrouk. This time out Lieutenant Fabrouk is playing at shore leave, or something like it – anyway, he looks splendid in his scrubbed Navy whites. There’s also some pole dancing involved, and a sensuous shower midway, but no matter. Soon enough buff Omar dispenses with the uniform, and we’re left to ogle his stunning muscles as the thickly hung young bodybuilder pleasures himself. Carry on, Omar.

The Tools We Need

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Omar Fabrouk was such an instant hit at his first MuscleHunks debut, that we had to get him back. This man just has it all. He looks good in any outfit and even better without any outfit. So we just gave him a few tools to do some work, but it did not take a long time before he worked the tool that gets all the attention here. Enjoy this spectacular muscle man as he undresses and memorizes. Are you ready to play?

The Muscle Stripper

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As handsome as a classic movie star, yet rippled with deeply tanned 21st Century muscles, new muscleman Omar Fabrouk has been a head turner all of his charmed life. We first see Omar during his early morning solitary beach meditation, preparing himself for the crowds he dances for at night. In his dressing room, Omar suits up, inspects his perfect features closely in the mirror before heading on stage to strip to cheers and applause. And later, back in his dressing room, Omar whips out his ample cock and provides private visitors a different kind of show!