Naked gay wrestling with Brad Hatcher and Pepe Mendoza

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These photos come to us with kind permission of the guys over at Muscle Hunks.  They have released yet another great update featuring two of the most popular muscle hunks in the business: Brad Hatcher and Pepe Mendoza.  These two, equally powerful men have been put into a little bit of roleplay in this shoot and they are pretending to be in a room service situation where Pepe Mendoza pretends to be the waiter come to serve the afternoon tea to the guest in his hotel room.

It gets a little hot under the collar however when they feel the urge to wrestle each other to decide which one is the fittest and most powerful; apparently it’s an Alpha male type urge that hits all body builders when they get together (can you imagine the testosterone flowing around a body building competition?  Sheez!)

When they get their shirts off, that’s when all the fun begins and when you see the full set of pictures and video clips on you’ll see that it really does take on a reality all of its own; these boys certainly take their muscles seriously.  This set is a must for any gay muscle worshippers out there, it’s gay muscle heaven!

So go along to Muscle Hunks now and check out these two muscle legends getting it on in the hotel room, and see which one of them cums out on top!

Orso and Orfeo Wrestling Match!

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We all know that Orso is no stranger to wrestling and if you’ve been following Muscle Hunks you’ll have seen his performance with Agosto and Pablo a few months back.  That was one hell of a muscle fans dream come true wasn’t it?  If you missed it then click here and go and check it out; you might have to scroll down the page a little, but you’ll see the three of them standing around looking very muscle clad!

But this month we see Orso with the very lovely Orfeo; it is the ultimate Muscle Hunk black on white muscle challenge.  Which one of these powerful men won the day at the wrestling match?  You’ll have to become a member to find out of course, but my guess is that they both got bored trying to defeat the other, realising how powerful each of them werer, and probably decided to jack off instead!  Now that sounds like a wonderful idea doesn’t it?

We love featuring the wrestlers on the blog because they provoke such animal instincts in our readers and they get everyone excited about seeing those sweaty, oily muscles tensing and rubbing against each other.  To see the great Orso’s black muscles relfecting the light as he tries to put his opponent on the canvas is a sight for sore eyes!

If you want more of these two rock hard guys then go over to Muscle Hunks and get  a load more while you’re at it!

Happy New Year from Muscle Videos!

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We’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and we’d like to do this by giving you a load of free pictures to help you celebrate!  As you know, we are one of the only blogs dedicated entirely to the publication of free gay muscle pictures and information relating to some of the best muscle websites and shows on the internet today.  If we don’t talk about it then you really don’t want to see it!  If it’s got gorgeous men with muscles bigger than you’re head then we’ve more than likely seen it and written about it.  Well, here’s a selection of pictures from 2010 to help you get into the party spirit.

These guys haven’t given up, they’re all pumping iron still and maintaining the gay muscle icon image they have created over the years.  You wouldn’t find them on our blog if they didn’t work hard to get the body they have would you?  We dont take any old body builder, the guys we feature not only have to be at their peak, but they also have to have an enormous awareness of their appearance and it’s effect on others.  They know what you want, we know what you come here for, and we do our best to give it to you in all it’s huge muscle worshipping glory!

Back in August of 2010 we brought you pictures of the lovely Pepe Mendoza.  We’re certain you loved him back then, but just in case you didn’t catch that particular post we’d like to give you one of those pictures again.  Here he is, the lovely Pepe, looking like a true jungle warrior.  Wouldn’t mind bumping into this Tarzan on in the middle of the jungle would you?  This sort of gay muscle icon is just what we needed in August to see us into the summer months and set the mood.  You can still see this entire set and a load of other gay muscle pictures and videos on Livemuscleshow; but not only that, the lovely Pepe Mendoza is still available to chat to live!  He loves his job so much!

There isn’t much time left to dedicate to this New Year Special, but it wouldn’t be a special if we didn’t devote a little time to the glorious muscle men of wrestling.  Over the last year we’ve featured some pretty hot guys playing around with each other, and we all know how much you want to join in; even though you’d probably get your neck broken!  When you see the muscles on these fellas you’ll want to cum in your pants at the very sight of them.  The pictures we featured are of ultimate power and demonstrate the brute force that each of these muscle hunks are capable of.  Of course, most of the wrestling ends up in some good old fashioned jerking off, and when these guys jerk off they really go for it.  Enjoy the pics and Happy New Year!

Boris Makov and Scott Kirby love to Wrestle

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These two don’t have anything against each other really you know, they just like to flex their muscles in front of each other.  There is something about one arrogant muscle bound guy wrestling another that gets them both in the mood for their photo shoots, so there is little wonder Muscle Hunks got them to do this lovely video together.  Let me tell you, you’ve seen nothing until you’ve seen these two gay muscle icons go head to head (or head to butt!)

Now the great thing about this video is that it begins by showing the two power houses feeling each other’s muscles.  Then they decide that they need to show each other just how much power they have and they get down to a spot of wrestling.  Now the finale is something extra special, and that’s why i’ve chosen a screen shot of it for today’s post.

Just like you, these guys get all worked up about touching another guy’s muscles and the inevitable happens.  When you indulge in gay muscle worship you are bound to get arroused, and when these two get going they simply have to get their cocks out there and then to knock one out.  Touching those big strong arms and throwing each other around really does make a difference.

Gordon Burke and Benjamin Jackson Wrestle!

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This is it folks, this is the chance to see two of the ultimate muscle hunks going at it one on one.  Who do you want to win the contest, or do you actually care who wins?  Is it just more about watching those sweaty muscle hunk bodies grapple each other and pull each other to the ground.  Can you imagine what those two must sound like when they’re wrestling?  Well you don’t have to imagine any longer because if you go over to right now you’ll be able to see 12 videos of these two guys.

They have a pretty passionate love/hate relationship these two muscle hunks.  They like nothing more than to look at each other when they’re working out, but there is also a fierce element of competition when it comes to proving themselves to the other.  You will never see better gay muscle wrestling than this anywhere else on the internet i can assure you.  Talk about confusion, these guys don’t know whether they want to kill each other or fuck each other!  Needless to say they end up with their cocks out and there is a lot of fun when this happens.

Check them out now on Muscle Hunks, you won’t regret watching this contest!

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