Cum Out!

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Rocky Remington is the all-American collegiate jock, but super sized! He handsome with a square jaw and captivating blue eyes. We’re betting he gets lots of action with those babies. And if the eyes don’t get you, his super dense and chiselled chest will. He looks like he’s got a little farm boy in him. When Rocky jerks off his orgasm is intense. It almost seems like his jizz doesn’t want to come out, but he squeezes out five perfect pearls of spunk and deposits them politely on his massive thigh.

Rocky Remington

Blogged under Rocky Remington by Muscle Partners on Tuesday 8 May 2012 at 12:07 am

Rocky Remington gives us a fresh, new look at the Saturday night bath. In for the night, Rocky gets into a super cleaning session in the bath. Squatting in the tub, he rubs a face cloth over every inch of his jaw dropping body. He scrubs every crease and crevice, then grabs the spray hose and rinses himself off. He lets the water jet across his cock and balls, and you can tell it feels good. And when he towels off, we get a look at that magnificent ass.