Oh, Daddy!

Blogged under Tito Ortiz by on Monday 3 September 2012 at 12:09 am

If ever there was a man to bring you to your knees, it’d have to be Tito Ortiz. You’re standing in front of him, you can feel his breath on your face. He looks you straight in the eye and leans heavily on your shoulders. You start to move down past those huge, chiselled abs, down further past his carved abs. Now his big, meaty cock is staring you in the face. You kneel before him and wrap your arms around those elephantine legs, reaching around to caress his mammoth ass. He’s your daddy!

Powerful muscle daddy

Blogged under Tito Ortiz by on Wednesday 30 May 2012 at 12:05 am

Tito Ortiz is sporting a new look. He cut off those longish locks and replaced them with a styled crop top. We like it, we think it ups the handsome factor by 100%. Oh yes, it’s such a drastic improvement. With the snip of a few hairs, Tito Ortiz has moved from dance-club Casanova to powerful muscle daddy. With stacked, sculpted shoulders, enormous guns, and a broad, chiselled chest, this daddy can hold you tight.

Latin Lover

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Tito Ortiz is the personification of Latin lover. He’s masculine, ruggedly handsome, and well hung. Who can’t imagine falling into those strong arms and lying their head on those sculpted pecs? And what a cock! When soft, Tito’s dick hangs heavily between his enormous thighs; when hard it swells fat with a perfectly-shaped crown. And Tito’s cum is thick, he has to squeeze it out of his dick.