Big Squirt

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Ezequiel Martinez is a country boy who headed to Mexico City to make a better life for himself. He works now and then in the dance clubs and spends all of his spare cash on bodybuilding and training sessions. And it sure has paid off, he’s deeply ripped and massively muscled. And when this horny Mexican lies back on his bed to jerk his cock, you’re not going to believe the squirter that comes out of his cock. The first burst flew out of his cock with such force and we have no idea where that thing landed!

Ezequiel Martinez

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When first presented handsome bodybuilder Ezequiel Martinez, members were impressed with this hardscrabble man from the rural countryside of Mexico. Built to last with muscles on muscles, there’s even more of Ezequiel than his fans had dared to hope for. Check out Part 2 of this adventures of this ripped demigod as he absorbs the seaside sun and surf while basking in the luxurious glow of a private tropical ocean front villa.