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[tag][/tag] is at it again! This time they’re back with a little more [tag]ALL MALE WRESTLING[/tag] and a lot more [tag]MUSCLE BODY WORSHIP[/tag]! It’s HEAT star [tag]Arkady Zadrovich[/tag] and [tag]muscle[/tag] [tag]boy toy[/tag] [tag]Melvin Howard[/tag]. Melvin is day dreaming at the office about what it would be like to meet his favorite muscle star, Arkady. The [tag]fantasy[/tag] takes an agro turn when Arkady starts [tag]schmoe[/tag]ing Melvin around a [tag]squared circle[/tag] like a rag doll!

"You’re sitting at your desk. It’s only 2 pm but your mind is already wandering away to your perfect [tag]muscleman[/tag]. His name is Arkady. You’ve seen his DVD HEAT a million times. Does he speak English? Who knows. All you know is that you’ve been watching him ever since he walked into the [tag]locker room[/tag]. You’re on the [tag]gym[/tag] floor now and you’re out and out staring. Oh no, he’s noticed and he’s coming your way. Prepare to [tag]WORSHIP[/tag] HIM. 16 all-new [tag]HD porn video[/tag] clips!"

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