Tony Searle – Junkyard Gay Muscle

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Get a load of this junkyard dog!  Tony Searle has all the power to take complete control of any situation, and when I see him in this outfit, showing me the top half of that powerful body, I know I have found my God among powermen!

Watching this hunk of gay muscle pulling on those chains makes me imagine him hoisting some great big, dirty engine out the front of an automobile.  I picture those huge muscles pushing to the limit and glistening with sweat and spots of oil and grease.

I’d like to come up behind Tony Searle when he has his muscles at full stretch in a situation like that, and then I could truly worship his intensely sexy muscles and give them the attention that all that hard work deserves. 

I’d wrap myself around just one of his bulky, well defined arms and take myself off the floor, just hanging on his powerful muscle.  And whilst I have him with his muscle hunk body engaged in something by hoisting out that engine, I’d slip my hand down the back of his overalls to feel the firmness of his powerman ass cheeks; I bet that they feel like polished stone, only much warmer and much stronger!

Tony Searle is over on Muscle Gallery now, so you can go along and look at his pictures and enjoy his muscles at your leisure.

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