Tricky Jackson – Pure Black Muscle

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Now there’s a lot of big black muscleman to love here isn’t there?  I don’t think I’d be able to get my arms around his quadriceps, never mind his chest!  Tricky is one hell of a muscle hunk and you can go and worship his huge powerman body now over on where you’ll find him in among his fellow muscle hunks, looking absolutely fabulous!

Now Tricky has a few things to tell us in truth.  He’s not just the bodybuilding chunk of gay muscle you’d like to think he is.  Tricky also has quite a nice singing voice and loves nothing more when he’s relaxing in the tub with all that soapy water covering his huge muscles, than to sing out a few bars of his favorite R&B tunes.  Whatever he’s singing is alright with me, just as long as i get to see him wearing as little as possible.  I could just imagine being in that bathroom with him and all that soapy water.  I’d simply have to ask him if i could wash his muscles and see them shine under the false light!  Now that would be worth seeing!

Bodybuilding just got real serious with Tricky Jackson.  Just look at his abs for Christ’s sake!  They look like they’ve been painted on!

Black Muscle – Quadricep Power

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Who is this secret agent looking, black muscle man?  Well it’s Sean Jones, and he is here to take your muscle worship to new heights!  He’s certainly taken something to new heights in my pants, that is for sure!

You see, with Sean Jones, it’s all about being a gorgeous, gay muscle, power man.  Sean absolutely loves the attention, he can’t get enough of it, and this is why he’s always apearing on websites like Muscle Gallery.  Why else would anyone pour so much dedication and effort into creating a black muscle hunk body such as this?  Sean has sacrificed a lot of sweat and hard work so we can worship his muscle; are we worthy of such power?  You can see him on Muscle Gallery now if you click the link; along with a load of other gay muscle stars, all of whom want to be adored by you.

There is so much muscle to admire on Sean I would be hard pressed to decide what would be my favourite.  However, just by looking at the first muscle hunk picture on this page allows me to see just what power Sean has in his legs.  Can you see how his jeans bulge under the pressure of those quadriceps?  I think that this black bodybuilder might just rip those jeans if he were to squat!

Check out Sean Jones on Muscle Gallery now, and help yourself to a load of other great gay muscle pictures while you’re there.

Kai Greene Muscle Worship

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Just take a long, hard look at Kai Greene and tell me if you could imagine any better black muscle men to muscle worship.  In terms of just plain dedication and finely tuned bodybuilding, Kai Green has certainly earned the right to have the most muscle worship in my mind.  He actually looks like a carefully sculptured statue of himself; it’s totally unreal.

This picture is of such gay muscle awesomeness that I can’t even imagine myself in it worshipping those muscles!  And that is saying something, because I have the greatest gay muscle imagination in the world of muscle hunk worship.  Kai Greene is one of those power men who are unattainable; unattainable, yet highly desired and worshiped like those men and women in the English courtly love poems of the Elizabethan period.

I have never seen such well defined shoulder muscles (whatever they’re called; I just worship them, I don’t know their names).  Kai Greene really is black muscle at its very best, and those straps and supports all over his body, along with the hair style and the sunglasses, really do make this muscle man look the business, and top of his class among the black bodybuilders of his time.

If you want a little more of Kai Greene (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then go along to Muscle Hunks and have a look for him!