| Anton Buttone turns the other cheek

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[tag]Anton Buttone[/tag] makes his triumphant return to [tag][/tag]! And he’s brought his world famous trunk full a junk with him. Oh, and did I mention it’s in [tag]high quality[/tag] [tag]HD video[/tag], too?! If you love [tag]men with big booties[/tag], Anton is the man for you!

Buttmeister Anton Buttone is back for a third go-round, and now that spectacular [tag]ass[/tag] has been filmed – in close close-up – in [tag]High Definition video[/tag]. Have the heart pills at the ready – if there’s a sweeter [tag]butt hole[/tag] this side of the Universe, we sure don’t know about it, and pretty [tag]muscle boy[/tag] Anton is surely not shy about showing you all you want to see…..Legend has it that the Buttmeister, inspired by fellow [tag]bodybuilder[/tag] [tag]Amerigo Jackson[/tag], actually contacted us to land on these pages – he knew where he wanted to be – and you’ll know what you’d like to do with it – er, him. Succulent….. – Angel Cordoba

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[tag]Angel Cordoba[/tag] has the face of…well, an angel…and the [tag]ass[/tag] of…well, a BIG angel. WHATTA butt…in the past he’s been admired by [tag]Manuel Melia[/tag], and now he’s the focus of even more attention, including the JO fantasies of that beautiful [tag]butt[/tag] boy [tag]Anton Buttone[/tag]. But Angel is not to be outdone,…as you’ll soon see! Now with 13 all-[tag]new video[/tag] clips of Angel showing off his [tag]hard cock[/tag]! [tag]Pumping his dick[/tag] until a [tag]huge load[/tag] of [tag]cum[/tag] shoots out!