Peter Porter the Muscle Man Next Door

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Do you have a guy living next door, or nearby who you just long to see naked?  I bet you do, we all do.  Do you imagine him to look at all like the lovely Peter Porter here?

Peter is a pretty busy muscle hunk, and he doesn’t do much other than lift weights all day long and build that lovely body of his.  How else do you think he looks this good?  There’s a lot of competition to get on muscle websites like and that’s the reason Peter has worked so hard.  He tells us:

Powermen has been an inspiration for me during my bodybuilding career and the guys i’ve seen on there have helped me shape my own body to a point where i am actually quite happy with my appearance.  Many muscle hunks keep building, and they’re never happy, but i’ve reached a point where i can just do the routine maintenance required to keep me entertaining all the gay muscle fans out there and keep myself fit; don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy to do, but it’s a lot of fun!

So there you have it.  Peter is a guy who has reached the lofty rank of Powerman and seems to be satisfied with this.  This is indeed a rare occurence.  We wonder however if one day he goes for it and pushes himself to the extreme.  We’re confident he could do anything he puts his mind to and we’re positive that he’ll look fantastic either way.

If you want more of the powerful Peter Porter then go along and check out his free profile page on  You’ll find videos as well as a whole host of lovely pictures to view.

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