Muscle Hunks Present – Michael Anthony

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Michael Anthony  is a ancient Roman looking muscle hunk that you’d love to see wrestling in your garden Isn’t it?  I know I would!

When you look at that knowing look in the picture on the right here, it makes you want to get to know this lump of gay muscle a little better.  Well you can get to know him a little better, but only on Muscle Hunks.  Here you can muscle worship him to your hearts content and get a good long look at his god like body in all it’s glory; and when I say all its glory I certainly mean it.

Michael loves doing gay muscle pictures and thinks that it’s the only way to get true muscle worship and appreciation for his strenuous efforts in the bodybuilding department.

You simply can’t get that sort of appreciation from a woman.  There will always be something special and unsaid between two men, and it’s got a lot to do with ones admiration for the other’s efforts.  Since I’ve been doing gay muscle pictures and movies I’ve had some of the greatest appreciative comments of my entire professional modelling career!  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my fans.

Consider them thanks Michael, and please don’t stop doing gay muscle pictures because we absolutely love them; as we love you!

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