Marcus Joel’s Black Muscleman Bubble Butt!

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[tag]Marcus Joel[/tag] may have the most [tag]beautiful skin[/tag] and one of the [tag]FINEST ASS[/tag]ES we have encountered in a long time; but, like many first-time [tag]Powermen[/tag], Marcus is a touch on the [tag]shy[/tag] side.

He’s almost…can we say it…? Demure. But he sure means well. And does he perform. And WHAT a BUTT! It took some coaxing but we got this brother’s beautiful ebony [tag]bubble butt[/tag], [tag]heavey balls[/tag] and [tag]long black cock[/tag] out of those [tag]tight jeans[/tag] eventually.

Check out 10 all-[tag]new video clips[/tag] from new Powerman Marcus Joel!

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