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Muscle Hunks is proud to present Macho Nacho time on their site.  This is one of their very latest muscleman upates and you simply have to see all the great muscleman pictures that go with it; there’s a ton of them.  If you look at this picture i’m sure you’ll agree that you couldn’t get much more macho!  If he got any more beautifully primitive than that he’d have to live up a tree for Christ’s sake!

Look at those abdominal muscles!  They’re straight out of a dream for gay muscle worship fans aren’t they?  Personally i could worship a body like that all day long.  I’m not sure which i like to fantasize about the most, looking in the window at his powerful body just sitting there, or standing right in front of him; i have been known to be a bit of a bodybuilder voyeur in my time you see.

It’s great, all you do is hang around gyms and watch the muscle builders go in and out, and if you’re lucky you might even be able to see into one of the windows and watch this muscle hunks working out big time.  I can imagine that this guy standing in front of the mirrors in the gym admiring his body in a real arrogant, Mr. Powerful kind of way.  It makes me hard just thinking about it, how about you?

If you want to catch a little more of Macho Nacho (and when i say a little, that is a huge understatement considering he’s got a cock the size of his arm!) then you just have to go along to and check out his latest pics.  You’re sure to be satisfied.

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