Jardel Barros is a serious muscle builder!

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Jardel Barros really looks like he’s been working hard.  This is the type of muscle hunk who make people like Peter Andre look like twigs!  Jardel is dedicated to his body and he loves what he does.  He is so powerful that he has won various tournaments across the country, and it’s certainly not all about the cosmetic value of his muscle bound mountain of a body; he’s a serious power lifter and body building competitor.

However, having said that, Jardel isn’t stupid either and he knows the type of revenue that can be generated by putting his powerful muscles to work; and i’m not talking about working in a construction yard here!  I mean the modelling.  Jardel is a natural muscle hunk model and we’re so glad he appeared on musclehunks in time for the summer because he makes us all feel like taking off our shirts and enjoying a little attention; not that we’d get anywhere near as much as this gay muscle god!  The muscle worship crowd will be overjoyed with the pictures and videos available on musclehunks.com right now.  Why don’t you go and check them out too.

If you’re into muscle then Jardel Barros has what you need, and not only that, when you’re over at Muscle Hunks you can check out all the other powermen and muscle builders on site; there’s someone for everyone on there.

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