Macho Nacho Live on Cam!

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If you get your ass over to Live Muscle Show right now you might just catch the one and only Macho Nacho live on cam!  He has agreed to do a very special show for all his most dedicated gay muscle fans out there, but it’s very secret as to what he’s actually going to do.  You have to be there to watch him though; this cannot be missed!

These pictures should indeed say it all when it comes to the gay muscle legend.  He has something a lot of other musclemen simply don’t have; and that is natural, pure and raw charisma.  When you look at him and those rippling muscle you simply have to fall for him and everything he stands for.

You can expect Macho back on Livemuscleshow real soon we think.  He was so excited about appearing the last time we spoke with him that we don’t think in all honesty that he could keep away; he’s much too self absorbed for that!  LOL!  And why wouldn’t he be?  If we all had muscles like that I’m sure we’d be the same.  So catch him now if you’re quick on

Gay muscle worship with Barry Marshall

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If you’re a gay muscle worshipper then you must have seen this guy before.  No?  Well where the hell have you been.  This hunk of pure bodybuilding fetish has been working out especially for you gay muscle worshippers out there for years in order to get himself in this shape.

His name of course is Barry Marshall and he’s been frequenting the pages of Powermen recently with this new, very hot construction worker shoot.  This shoot is one of the ultimate gay muscle fantasies, and has proved to work very well for in the past.

So if you’re into gay muscle worship, and black muscle in particular, Barry Marshall is the guy for you.  And you know he loves it; he told us:

When I get my clothes off and see the reaction on the photographer’s face and the rest of the crew, I just know that I’m making their dicks hard just by standing in front of them with my clothes off.  Then I get a little horny myself and simply have to play with myself to ease the tension.  When the gay muscle fans see my latest shoot they’ll be doing some shooting of their own!  Hope you all like it!

Are you kidding Barry?  Of course we like it!  We love it!  Check him out now on

Muscle Hunks present Devon Ford

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Devon Ford is one hell of a muscle man.  He’s been bodybuilding for competition and his gay muscle worshippers for many years, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.  He told us:

It’s a way of life for me now.  I can’t go back, only forward.  These muscles I have only need to be developed further now that I’ve reached a size I’m comfortable with.  I love to get positive comments from my gay muscle fans, it makes the whole thing worth it!

When it comes to dedication there aren’t many muscle men out there that can beat Devon.  He’s in the gym every day of the week!  However, he’s not always working out.  Devon realises, as do most muscle builders, that it’s very important to rest your muscles as much as work them hard.  Devon just loves to be around the sweat and muscle in the gym, it makes him feel at home.

If you want to see even more of Devon then you simply have to click here to go and see his portfoliio over at Muscle Hunks.  There are loads of pictures and videos of the man in action.

Bruce Wang has one hell of a wanger!

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You can see from the pictures that Bruce has a lot to admire, and he’s one of the big deals on at the moment.  They’ve featured many new faces on that website in recent months, but none as popular as Bruce is proving to be.  His member’s area pictures are all hyped up, but we have to say that you have to see them to believe them; this guy is a gay muscle icon!

He never intended to get into the business of gay muscle worship however.  It was originally his intention to have a career in powerlifting, but when he found that he was getting a lot more attention than he orginally thought he would, he quickly moved to body building competitions and inevitably onto the gay muscle scene.

He told us:

I really love the gay muscle scene at the moment, there are a load of great guys involved and I get to meet some great people.  There’s really nothing like telling people I know about my line of work; I love to shock people and this never fails to do the trick.

We can imagine how popular you’d be Bruce; especially with your wanger out like that!  Check him out on right now.

Diego el Potoro

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This guy is a great new gay muscle face on Powermen and we’re proud to have him on Muscle Videos.  When you see what he can do you’re going to want to jump into the member’s area without any hesitation at all.  We’ve seen some gay muscle icons in our time, but this one certainly seems like he’s going to stand the test of time.


You’ll find that Diego will go all the way too, and you can’t say that from all the muscle men out there; some of them are only content to show their muscles (the standard muscles of course!)

Gay muscle worship doesn’t get much better than this.  Just take a look at the muscles on Diego’s back and the beautiful shape of his ass as it gives way to those massive, powerful thighs and quads!  This guy has really worked hard on his body and he deserves all the gay muscle attention he gets these days.  You work hard you get the results.  Check out the rest on

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