Bill Baker the Brute!

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Bill Baker is a true brute when it comes to posing for muscle sites.  It seems that every shoot he gets himself involved in makes him appear as though he’s some sort of trouble maker.  Take these pictures for example, he’s looking very tough and very mean; and certainly someone you wouldn’t want to fuck with in a dark alley after a few beers!  Well, some of you might like that, but I’m not keen on surprises!

Bill’s muscles make him look like the personification of an action figure don’t they?  Those rounded shoulders and those pumped up arms?  And what about those vein popping legs of his?  This guy is the ultimate gay muscle icon and there are quite literally gay men all over the planet looking at these pictures now, wondering when the next time will be that they will see the brute, Bill Baker.

Well, you don’t need to wonder much anymore because it seems like Powermen have him, at least for a while (you can’t cage someone like Bill Baker for long!)  So if you’re in the mood for a bit of butch Bill Baker, all you need to do is scoot on over to and check out his new photoshoots and videos; there’s a lot to go at over there!

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